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               Kacper is our first child. His birth in February 2009 was the most anticipated event in the lives of not only us his parents, but also his grandparents. However, the joy and happiness that such a little creature brings a family, was tempered by his disability. Kacper’s left arm ends a few centimeters below the elbow. In addition, the elbow is not properly formed, so when the boy attempts to crawl, the elbow bends inward. Apart from that the increased muscular tension was diagnosed in the muscles of his back, chest, legs and arms. At present Kacper is undergoing therapy that aims to eliminate the muscular tension as well as to prevent damage to his spine because of the disabled left arm.

Consultations with doctors and the Otto Bock company have highlighted the possible future of our child with or without an artificial limb. A prosthesis will allow for as correct as possible spine development and greater autonomy in everyday jobs. The lack of a prosthesis will prevent healthy physical growth of the child and will limit his development. It may also adversely affect his social and physiological development. The first prosthesis should be applied when a child is around 12 months old because due to the nature of a congenital anomaly, if applied later it may be more difficult to be accepted by the developing organism. There are, therefore, two crucial factors for the final success: time and money. Unfortunately, we have little of either. The amount we need is significant, and because the child grows quickly prostheses must be changed often. Once the decision of prosthesis purchase is taken it must not be changed due to the child’s possible mental injury. The aid from state institutions which can be obtained is very limited. We do not want to emphasise his unhappiness, but there is no way to avoid it when looking at Kacper. It is a fact that his left arm is not fully developed and this will reduce his prospects, but a prosthetic will assist him in making the most of his chances in


               Therefore, we would like to appeal to corporations, business companies and individuals who are not indifferent to the idea of sponsorship of the "Daddy’s Project ". We appreciate any aid particularly financial, because without it, the treatment and rehabilitation as well as the purchase of prostheses will remain

only a dream.


One can easily donate by clicking one of the buttons on the first page of this

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We thank you very much for your sensitivity and donations.


               Kacper’s parents

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